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Cedar Privacy Backyard Fence

I’d venture to say the most popular residential fence in Southeast Texas is the Cedar Privacy Fence. The cedar fence has been a staple for privacy, security, and aesthetics for many years, and there is no end in sight for cedar’s reign at number one. Cedar has risen to the top for numerous reasons…cost, privacy, look, and durability are just a few reasons when people think of "privacy fence" they think of cedar fence pickets.

Cedar’s durability is largely based on its ability to withstand rot from our weather pattern, as well as, its ability to be bug and disease-resistant.  But, cedar’s lasting stance is mostly based on the substructure that it is attached to.  When the cedar pickets are attached to treated pine rails and posts a privacy fence to last years has been constructed.  At Greak Fence and Deck, LLC we build our fence framework out of treated pine by using straight and defect-free treated yellow pine posts along with (3) treated yellow pine 2″ x 4″ rails for maximum strength and stability.  All of our posts are set-in concrete footers at a maximum distance of 7′ on center and minimum of 24″ in depth.  By starting our cedar privacy fence systems this way we can assure our customers that the fence they bought is the fence that will last for years.

Another common reason that cedar privacy fencing has become popular is the signature red cedar look that a new cedar privacy fence has.  If left unattended, the red color will fade and become grey over time, but with a little maintenance and timely use of sealers and stains, you can maintain that red color for the life of the fence.  Most of the time when a cedar privacy fence begins to grey in color it is mainly a very thin layer of mold, mildew, and grime that is easily washed off with a pressure washer, a good cleaning once a year will keep the cedar looking fresh and new for many years.  If you are like me and prefer not to wash your fence ever year, a stain can be applied to the fence that will last for several years before it needs to be cleaned and re-stained. When staining a cedar privacy fence the choices in color are almost endless, you can choose a natural color or even a tinted stain to add color to you cedar privacy fence.  At Greak Fence and Deck, LLC not only can we build you that perfect cedar privacy backyard fence, but we can also maintain it and stain it if you desire.

Last but not least the flexibility of a cedar privacy fence to become custom is another factor in its never-ending popularity.  A cedar privacy fence can be just a fence, or you can customize the look of it to create a one of kind piece of art for your backyard.  The cedar pickets can be run in the typical vertical layout, or you can turn the horizontal, or add a herringbone pattern to your fence.  Basically if you can dream it a cedar privacy fence can become it in most cases. Greak Fence and Deck, LLC specializes in this custom cedar privacy fence work. When most companies want to just go out and install a typical cedar fence and leave, we are more than willing to create that custom cedar fence you have designed.

So, whether you want a standard cedar privacy fence, or a custom fence that you can enjoy Greak Fence and Deck, LLC is the place to start. We can help you from design to installation, and it is our pleasure to do so.  With the spring coming many of you will be considering replacing that old cedar privacy backyard fence with a new one, and when you do we would love to part of that project.  Give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop by one day and we will discuss your fencing options so we make sure you get the cedar privacy fence you have always wanted.

Daniel Greaks

Greak Fence and Deck, LLC

Serving Dayton, Liberty, Kingwood, Baytown, Mont Belvieu, Humble,Crosby and Surrounding Areas